Dementia Care Services

Dementia can be very distressing, not only for the person living with it but also for their family and friends who witness the effects of the disease on their loved one.

Dementia does not mean an end to a good, enjoyable life. Our support is designed to provide help where needed, ensuring that a person with dementia can live as well as possible. Every person with dementia is a unique individual, and we teach our care staff to interact with each client on a human level, stressing the importance of the person’s life story and connecting with them through reminiscence and familiarity.

Our Dementia Services:

Our care staff are trained in dementia care and undertake mandatory refresher training each year, so they are always up to date with the latest dementia care practices.

Care Supervisors monitor each care package and communicate regularly with the care staff so that the package can be amended if care requirements change.

Care staff are trained to encourage clients who are apprehensive or nervous about personal care to feel more comfortable. They provide dignified, person-centered care, promoting independence.

Regular care staff ensure that the client and care worker get to know each other well. This is of particular importance for people living with dementia. We have vast experience in caring for people who are living with dementia and have been a trusted care provider for north London area

 We understand the importance of strong communication and keeping family updated with developments. We aim to put your mind at rest, knowing that your loved one is in good hands and that you will be notified of any changes

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